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Molkki Written Episode Update 24th November 2021


 Molkki Written Episode Update 24th November 2021

Molkki Written Episode Update 24th November 2021

Sakshi says it is you who has done that. He got away from me because of you. He dint let anyone come in his life for 5 years but you snatched him from me! I am taking my Mukhi ji back from you today! Virender tells Sakshi that Purvi has not snatched anything from her. she has ended up winning my trust, Juhi and Manas’s love. She now has everything that belonged to you once. She won it once. I warn you not to use my kids as pawns. No selfish mother stoops so low. Sakshi asks him what other option she had. I cannot even be in your dreams let alone in your life because of Purvi. I had to lie because of all of you!

Flashback shows Sakshi paying Dr. Rathi for lying. Dr. Rathi tells her that his license will be cancelled if anyone finds out anything. Law and Mukhi ji wont spare me. Sakshi assures him that the truth wont come out in open at any cost. I made this plan as I cannot see Mukhi ji with anyone else. I want him back in my life. If you lose your license then I will pay you enough money to make up for it. Give me some medicines which will make Manas weak in front of Mukhi ji and Purvi. Make sure it wont harm him. I don’t want anything to happen to him. He agrees. Flashback ends.

Sakshi tells Virender that she lost to this cheap Molkki even after doing all that. I wont accept defeat anymore. Make up your mind asap. I don’t have have much time and Purvi has way less time. Virender looks at Purvi who tells Virender not to agree to Sakshi’s condition. Arjun keeps the phone on table and points a light at her. Virender looks helplessly at Sakshi. Let her go. Tell that lawyer to stop. I wont spare you if anything happens to her. Sakshi gives him garland. Her life and death is in your hands. Wear this garland and this Bawri will be saved. Will you marry me or will you see her dying? Purvi requests Virender not to do this. Sakshi tells Virender to hurry up. Virender shouts at Arjun but then gives in. Purvi tells him against it but Virender asks Sakshi to stop Arjun. Sakshi tells Arjun to move the light away. I want her to see me marry Mukhi ji and bless us. Arjun shuts the light.

Sakshi asks Virender to come. He buys some time to get dress up as her groom. She agrees.

Virender comes downstairs dressed as a groom. Sakshi tells pundit ji to start the reading the mantras. Mukhi ji and I will get married again today. Pundit ji starts the ritual. Virender and Sakshi exchange garlands. Pundit ji does their gathbandhan afterwards and tells them to stand up for pheras. Arjun and Purvi are watching everything. Pundit ji tells Virender and Sakshi that they will become husband and wife after taking 7 pheras. Purvi cries seeing them thus. Virender keeps looking at the video call. Purvi screams in pain. Virender throws the puja thaal at the phone and the video gets disconnected. Sakshi tries to pick it up but Pundit ji stops her. it will be a bad omen if you step out of mandap now. Sakshi agrees. I will see who will come between us now. She asks Shilpa to clean the mess. Shilpa obliges. Pundit ji asks Sakshi to step forward for the last 3 pheras. Sakshi does as told. They are taking the last phera when Purvi enters and tells them to stop. Virender and Sakshi are shocked to see her.

Purvi walks up to them. She opens the gathbandhan while Virender breaks the garland. Sakshi glares at Purvi. Purvi says Mukhi ji cannot be anyone else’s till the time I am alive. Sakshi asks her how she came here. Purvi reminds her that she told her that her love is pure. My love saved me today. Virender asks Sakshi if she thinks she is the smartest one here. I played my moves even when you had an upper hand and you dint even realize.

Flashback shows Virender getting worried for Purvi when their call disconnects abruptly. Juhi asks him if everything is fine. He nods. I am going somewhere and you must go to police station with driver. Don’t go anywhere till then. She agrees. I am scared though. He encourages her to be strong as she is khargosh. We will save haathi together. She nods. Later, Virender excuses himself on the pretext of getting ready. He comes to his room and calls Juhi. She makes him speak to the Inspector. Virender tells him everything. You must save Bawri at any cost. Inspector asks him where Purvi might be. Virender gives him a clue. She is hidden in Sakshi Mills. I will try to stall Sakshi here and you should save Purvi. Inspector says I will start from here now. It isn’t far from here. Inspector tells Juhi to stay put. I will come with your parents soon. Juhi nods. Flashback ends.

Purvi says Mukhi ji told Inspector everything. They reached there just then and saved me.

Flashback shows police reaching Sakshi Mill. They arrest Arjun and save Purvi. Inspector asks Purvi if she is fine. She nods while breathing heavily. We don’t have time. Arjun is taken to jail. Flashback ends.

Virender tells Sakshi she played a good game but she stretched it a little too much. I threw that thaali on your phone as police was about to reach Sakshi Mills. God supports truth. Lies and cheating don’t win ever! Juhi comes home with a lady constable and hugs Purvi. I was so worried about you. Are you fine? Purvi nods. Are you fine? Purvi nods. Juhi looks at Sakshi disappointedly. Why did you do this Ma? I don’t want to live with you anymore. You are not my Ma anymore! Sakshi is stunned. You are wrong. Purvi holds Juhi. Lady constable holds Sakshi’s hand but Sakshi tells Purvi that she is the one who has given birth to Juhi and Manas. You wont be able to keep a mother away from her kids! Purvi tells her that she will not let even her shadow fall on Juhi, Manas or the baby. Till date I was taking care of them on behalf of you but now I am their Yashoda Ma and Devki Ma. I will keep them away from you now. I am their first and second mother from today onwards. She takes Juhi with her. Sakshi pushes the Lady Constable and runs upstairs. She holds Purvi. I wont spare you so easily. She pushes Purvi from the stairs. Juhi runs after her. Sakshi says Mukhi ji cannot be yours if he cannot be mine!


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