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Barrister Babu today Episode Written Update


 Barrister Babu today Episode Written Update

 Barrister Babu aaj ka episode 3rd

At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that Bondita is shocked to see the woman's mark on her shoulder and asks about how it happened? Then the woman says that these are gifts given by my in-laws and she starts crying. She tells me that my husband is asking me to go back home. The woman says if I had not had a child, I would have gone from here.

 In the next scene, Vibha gives medicine to Kabir then Kabir asks if you were very scared, weren't you? Vibha asks why they are asking. I could hear your voice in an unconscious state. Kabir sounds in front of her eyes and she comes back in reality and says you have been seriously injured then both talk after eating and give them medicine. When Kabir jokingly pretends to be in pain, Vibha massages his hand with oil.

 Bondita takes her thumb impression from the woman in her case sheet and asks her to help her by going to court. Just then Chandrachur comes and Bondita asks to take the woman, Chandrachur takes her away. Anirudh asks Bondita what happened Bondita why did you call me immediately. Then Bondita tells all things to Anirudh, Bondita says the woman wants to live with her husband then Chandrachud asks the woman if they will find her. She says that no one will come to see her, then arrangements are made for the woman to stay there.

 Trilochan asks Binoy to make all arrangements for his visit to the temple. KSJ calls Thakurma and Sampoorna, where they both come. KSJ asks them to get the saree when Vidya comes to the shop, Binoy asks Vidya to get the saree of her choice as a member of the family. Tapur and Tupur also occur together. Som gestures to Tapur and asks him to choose the pink colour century.

 In the next scene, Bondita and Anirudh come to the mansion and find out that everyone is shopping for rituals and they also ask Bondita to get the saree of their choice. KSJ asks for the most expensive century look. Bondita asks Anirudh to pick it. After this Vibha comes there with Trilochan's medicine. Vibha sees Bondita troubled in choosing the saree, and she helps Bondita in choosing the saree.

 They choose a golden-coloured saree, which is liked by all. Everyone appreciates Vibha's choice. But Vibha feels bad after hearing some of Vidya's words and tears well up in her eyes and she goes inside. This makes everyone feel bad. Thakurma takes her to the room and sees a photo of Durga Puja in a photo album and praises her beauty. Vidya looks at the picture angrily and talks about Kabir and Vibha.

 After some time, Vibha comes and agrees to go to the temple, due to which everyone is shocked and Sampoorna agrees to force Didi, then this decision of Vibha makes Sampoorna and Tupur sad for her.


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