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 Molkki cast

Molkki is an Indian network show. Molkki starring Priyal Mahajan and Amar Upadhyay in lead roles, the show aired on 16 November 2020 on Colors TV slot. Molki is being delivered under the banner of Ekta Kapoor's creation house Balaji Telefilms.


About Molkki Show:-




Main Cast

Priyal Mahajan

Amar Upadhyay




Muzammil Desai


Ekta Kapoor

Shobha Kapoor

Costume Designer

Triptii Arora

Creative Head

Aakansha Shukla

Production Head

Shadab Peshimam

Production House

Balaji Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.

Molkki TV Serial Casts:-

    Priyal Mahajan As: Purvi Pratap Singh

      Amar Upadhyay As: Thakur Virendra Pratap Singh

      Ankit Gera As Daksh

      Toral Rasputra As : Sakshi Singh (Virendra’s first wife)

      Mohit Hiranandani As : Veer Singh (Virendra-Sakshi’s elder son)

      Rishika Nag As : Nandini Singh (Virendra-Sakshi’s elder daughter)

      Rithvik Gupta As : Manas Pratap Singh (Virendra-Sakshi’s younger son)

      Supriya Raina Shukla As : Prakashi Devi (Virendra’s stepmother)

      Abhay Bhargava As : Bheem (Virendra’s step-uncle)

      Tushar Kawale As : Yogi Pratap Singh

      Shraddha Jaiswal As : Anjali Singh (Yogi’s wife)

      Anushka Sharma As Juhi Pratap Singh (Virendra’s daughter)

      Ved Bharadwaj As : Mahesh (Purvi’s father)

      Meena Mir As : Savita (Purvi’s mother)

      Dhwani Gori As Priyashi (Purvi’s sister)

      Vyon Mehta As : Duddu (Purvi’s younger brother)

      Naveen Sharma As Vipul (Purvi’s love interest)

      Neha Jurel  As : Jyoti (Anjali’s sister)

      Shivam Khajuria As : Naveen (Priyashi’s love interest)

      Kajal Chauhan  As : Sudha (Purvi’s friend)

      Sanjay Swaraj As : Kanja

      Manish Khanna As : Chaudhary Charan Singh



Junior Cast:-


       Akshay Jawrani as Karan

       Nikhil Narang as Vipul (Purvi’s former love interest)

       Neha Dandale as Bhuri

       Abhishek Singh Pathania as Aarav Charan Singh


Molkki Written Update:-


The scene begins with Virendra rushing Manas to the medical clinic as he swoops in. The expert looks at the psyche. Here, Purvi comes to know about Sakshi's arrangement. Sakshi tells Purvi everything that he had done to her in the recent few days. Purvi gets stunned to hear his words.


She asks him how she can do this to her child. Sakshi says that he took everything away from her, so she did it to get back her life partner and kids. The specialist tells Virendra that Manas is fine now and there is no need to bother transferring the bone marrow. There, Sakshi is telling everything to Purvi yet Arjun stops her.


He advises her to kill Purvi and not sit idly in it. He gives her a gun and Sakshi puts that weapon on Purvi and says that now she has to kill. Purvi asks are you getting mad. She reminds him that she is pregnant with their child.


She requests that he leave him. Sakshi says that she cannot see him alive so she has to be killed. Purvi asks him not to shoot her. Purvi runs away seeing the opportunity and then Arjun runs after her to catch her. Purvi compromises on Virendra's decision and advises him to save his life from Arjun and Sakshi.


Virendra immediately comes there and sees the decorations there. Sakshi tells him that Purvi is in her care and shows her a video of Purvi. She tells him that suppose he needs to save Purvi then he should marry her.



 Virendra says if he is mad. He requests that she take all his property. She says no, she needs her life partner and kids in her life. Virendra asks him not to call his children his.


Sakshi says that after doing so much she lost to Purvi but this time it will not happen. She requests that he marry her or maybe he will lose Purvi for eternity. Sakshi and Virendra start making deals and Poorvi is watching everything through video call. Sakshi advises him to leave early as he does not have much time. She further says that Purvi has even less time. Try not to miss the most recent scene of "Molki" on COLORS at 10 PM.



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