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Nima denzongpa written update today


Nima denzongpa written update today


In the recently aired episode of Nima Denzongpa, we see Manya narrating what happened in the incident to Nima and Nari that she takes Paras to the hospital due to her injury when Manya thinks something and asks about Siya. Then Nima tells him about Siya and says that she has some work and she was about to come home. Siya comes as soon as he speaks and says that my daughter will live longer because we were talking about you only, but Siya is very disappointed. Nima asks him for dinner but Siya agrees and says that she is in despair saying that she is tired and going to sleep. Nima gets very upset seeing him.

 Nima tells Manya that you should bring some roti with you. Manya tells Nima that she is aware that she is not good in studies like Siya and Nari, but she understands everything and she says that I also know that you have not brought me here for roti. Nima asks Manya why Siya is looking so sad. She worries even more about Siya but tells her to break her sister's protocol.

 Nima says that Siya is like her daughter and she cannot see Siya in any trouble. . Manya tells Nima everything about Siya that was between Siya and Shiva. Manya says that she even lied to Shiva that Siya is engaged to someone else but now Nima starts thinking of somehow fixing him back because she wants that Siya will be fine again and she doesn’t get stressed about anything.

 In the next scene of the episode let's see the new dawn in which Nima appears lost in thoughts. Suresh comes and after seeing Nima he asks Nima what happened to her. After a little time, Nima tells Suresh if he still remembers all that I left everything only for you. Then Suresh says that I can never forget all this. Nima says how would you feel if I was not with you and went back to leave you, then Suresh gets very thinking and thinks about what happened to her.

 Siya gets sad and is watching TV in her room when Nima walks up to her. Nima says you are looking very upset since yesterday. Nima then thinks that Shiva is a good person and will always wait for Siya. Nima calls Siya but at that time Shiva is getting ready for her marriage.


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