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Thapki Pyar Ki Today Written Update


Thapki Pyar Ki Written Update Today


The scene in Thapki Pyar ki show begins with Purab saying that your mother needs a medical procedure. Thapki says I will completely finish my money. Purab asks did anyone tell anything. Thapki reviews Veena's words and says she doesn't need to say anything. Purab asks how she will raise 2 lakhs in 5 days. Thapki says don't take tension as I will orchestrate them.


Sargam comes to the bistro and joins his teammates and wishes them a happy Diwali. Colleagues questioned why he did not welcome him in his local party. Sargam tells them that she will host them after getting some information about Rohit. Rohit comes to them and says there is no compelling reason to ask how are you as you look solid. Sargam calls the server and he becomes Anshul and he happily says Sargam. Purab calls up Ashok and requests him to convince Thapki.


 Ashok says that she will not agree if she decides to achieve something. Sudha, available for any emergency, asks Thapki how she can organize the cash and taunts if she intends to receive it from them. Thapki says don’t stress as I will arrange cash. Purab requests that Ashok take the cash. Sudha hears this and requests him to take it. Ashok says Thapki will not forgive me if she knows it, so I cannot take cash from you. Sudha reprimands him. Thapki looks at Purab and tells him that I do not need your help as I will arrange the cash. Purab asks how she can do it. Tapping is called by tracking the work.



Then in this episode of Thapki Pyar ki show Sargam says this is for you mam because you are just a server, Anshul agrees. Rohit orders salad. Sargam says she cannot arrange anything as she is fasting. Anshul says it is bad and requests him to request something. Sargam wakes up to protest against them going to their chief but she faints. Anshul catches her and requests that her companions take her home, yet they go to the party and request that he take her to Veena Devi's house.


 Thapki sees a promotion on paper for work and calls some number through the landline and is busier than the one she goes to charge her portable. Organization people review her and Purab goes to her, who works a call for adults and he disconnects the call saying that she will not do it. Thapki says she will do this and will review the number however she is stunned by the discussion and disconnects the call. Purab asks if he needs to do this. Thapki says no. Purab asks what work you need to join. Thapki says he needs to work where his potential is utilized. Purab smiles.


Anshul drops Sargam at home and he tells Dadi that his vehicle is damaged. That's why I drove him home in auto and he nodded on the way and he had nothing in the party so when He gets up and after he leaves, feed him.



The next morning in this episode of Thapki Pyar ki show, Purab advertises a profession in the newspapers. Thapki looks after that business and contacts that person for weaving work. The director requested him to send the work. Thapki sends her Garam Patella Hanki for Purab and Sargam dress.


Thapki asks Mata Rani to bring them to the ground. Then Thapki Chief sees those pictures and tells her that she comes in position. Thapki requests that she send more pieces saying that she will plan that she will happily go ahead. Purab requests him to take out his activity.


Thapki takes care of Mithai for Purab and tells him that she gets a new line of compensation for 25K to work apart from Prerna and she tells him how she will treat her mother and compares her to her care. Will pay him back for the watches. Sweets to Vinod and tells him that he has got a new line of work and offers sweets to Veena Devi but she gives sweets to Sapna and Priyanka.


The worker carries the package of clothes along with the contact papers. Veena asks what he is saying. Thapki tells him that the person had come for him. The person stammers Veena and has a sense of reconciliation and she leaves from there.


Purab calls his companions and thanks Thapki for giving him the position and requests him not to let Thapki go on the grounds that he is Bhumi's position. The person says I will not tell him now why both of you sent me garampatila dupatta and what is the story behind it. Purab says I don't know. Veena overhears his transformation, as she may suspect Thapki of losing her employment to expose his existence. Thapki asks Mata Rani to help him in completing the work on time.



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