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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story Today


 Udaariyaan Upcoming Story


Upcoming story

At the beginning of the episode, Kushbir and Rupi are shown meeting Angad. Kushbir says that they have brought Tejo's marriage relation for him. Angad remembers and he asks why he should sacrifice for the happiness of others but Tejo's. It has to be said that since childhood, she is of such a nature that she is always ready to do anything for others. Angad says that she has hurt Tejo a lot, Tejo says that everyone should attend Fateh and Jasmine's wedding. And bless the couple and for all this, they will create drama. But Angad asks how this drama will end. Tejo says that they will get engaged first, later they will break the engagement with some excuse, Tejo says if you don't want to do all this then you can agree.

 Udaariyaan story

Gurpreet while coming home remembers Tejo's words, she starts worrying thinking about all this and she thinks that what will happen if Angad agrees to the marriage, she suddenly falls near Fateh and Gurpreet. He runs and catches her. After this, when they reach home, Mai asks where did you go and Gurpreet goes to the room with some excuse Gurpreet thinks that Fateh may not have kept Tejo happy, Angad may give her all the happiness. When Rupi and Kushbir return, Beeji asks what happened to the marriage proposal. Then Kushbir laughs and says that Angad is ready for this and he says that Tejo is one in a million, how can he deny her. That won't be a problem.

 Udaariyaan Next scene

In the next scene, it is shown that Jasmine and Fateh are arguing about something. Jasmine says that you have changed the decorated flowers, she again asks to change the order. Fateh hears on the phone that Angad is talking to Tejo. is getting married, then he thinks that this should not happen. Then they start talking about Angad and Tejo's marriage, they are shocked by Tejo's decision, Nimmon even convinces Mai to call Tejo sister-in-law. Kushbir says Tejo Tejo is like his daughter he will keep visiting her and he says Tejo is happy then Gurpreet says if she is happy then why is she crying after that they talk about preparing for the ceremony. After this Simran says that Tejo said that she will get engaged in the same place on the wedding day of Jasmine and Fateh. Kushbir says that if they get married in the same venue then only Sandhu's family will come.


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