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 Hijab News Karnataka

The High Court has given its verdict in the Karnataka Hijab controversy case. The court, while dismissing the petition of the girl students, said that hijab is not a mandatory part of Islam. The compulsion of uniforms issued by the schools is correct. Students cannot refuse to wear the school uniform. Here, preparations are on to go to the Supreme Court against the decision of the court.

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Supreme Court Decesion on hijab

The students have challenged the Karnataka High Court's decision to ban the hijab in the college in the Supreme Court.

Rajnath Singh on Hijab

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Hijab case: Karnataka High Court has given a verdict, I think that decision should be welcomed. The High Court has said that no restriction is allowed on our daughters, whether they belong to any religion. If there is a dress code of school-college, then people of every religion should follow it.

Mehbooba Mufti on Hijab

PDP President Mehbooba Mufti has given her response after the court's decision on the Hijab controversy. He said that the decision which the court has upheld on the hijab is a very disappointing decision. A girl and a woman also do not have the right to what to wear and what not to wear. How the mawali follow them on the streets, and the governments there become spectacles. I understand that this is very wrong, every person, woman and child should have the right to wear what they wear and what not. It should not be decided by the courts.

Dev Gowda on Hijab

After the High Court's decision on the Hijab controversy, former PM and JD(S) leader HD Deve Gowda said that, this is a unanimous decision of the court. The state government should hold mutual consultations with all political parties. This matter is not yet resolved and is going on in the future. The state government should take necessary steps to ensure the safety of girl students.

Arif Mohmmad khan on hijab

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said that the hijab is mentioned seven times in the Quran. But hijab is not mentioned in terms of dress code. He said that Islam itself defines what rules are necessary for faith. So the job of the judiciary became easy.

Hema Malini on Hijab

BJP MP Hema Malini on Karnataka High Court ruling that there is no need to impose a new ban on hijab in other institutions or workplaces, but a dress code should be followed in school.

Rekha Sharma on hijab

Rekha Sharma, chairperson of the National Commission for Women, said on the decision on the hijab controversy that, according to the Quran, hijab is not a religious practice. I am a strong supporter of women's rights, but when a student enters an institution, the rules there must be followed. It is expected that after this decision the girl students will go back to classes.

Asaduddin Owaisi on hijab

AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has also reacted to the Karnataka High Court's decision on the Hijab controversy. He wrote on his Twitter handle that, I do not agree with this decision and it is my right. I hope the petitioners will challenge this decision in the Supreme Court.

Karnataka High Court on hijab

The Karnataka High Court made a scathing remark while delivering an important verdict on the Hijab controversy. The court said that it was surprising that the issue of hijab controversy arose in the middle of the session. The way this case has come to be. This also gives scope for debate on whether some people are working to create unrest and disharmony in the society.

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